Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O Canada!

Happy Birthday, Canada!

I am a proud Canadian, and well, what's not to love about this beautiful place? The troublesome thing is that the best things about Canada are sometimes the worst! Read on and see if you know what I mean!

1) The Weather
In the winter we dream about the summer and in the summer we dream about the winter... welllll, maybe I wouldn't go quite that far! Our seasons should be renamed snow and humidity because basically that's what we've got! But can you imagine a year without waking up to the first snowfall, noticing the buds on the trees pop, BBQ season, and finally the smell of autumn?

The Toronto waterfront taken from a boat cruise.

Skating.. err... sledding on the canal!

2) The Wilderness
Canada is truly a beautiful country. From the east to the west and everything in between (minus Saskatchewan, sorry) there's so much to see and do. The problem is that this place is so darn big that it's bloody expensive to travel across!

Kudos to you if you can identify this place!

3) Multiculturalism
The big cities in Canada are diverse. I can walk down my street and within 5 minutes find a restaurant that serves food from every culture imaginable. Japanese, Korean, French, Greek.. you name it, we got it! Hmm, maybe that's my problem?! Go further into Toronto and you'll find Chinatown, Greektown, Little Italy, etc, etc. All of this is great, except sometimes I feel like I live in Asia which can be annoying, like when I can't read store signs or menus. I swear my husband and I are the only white people who live in our condo! Talk about being a visible minority!

Chicken feet.. nope, won't be ordering that EVER again!

Other truly great things are:
-1 year maternity leaves :)
-Big cities that are WAY safer than most
-Nice people, in general
-Cleanliness (you don't want to see what happens when you blow your nose in London, England)
-Freedom and peace... can't get much better than this, eh?

What are your favourite things about our home and native land?


  1. There is so much about Canada that I love!! If I've been out of the country for any length of time like a week vacation .... I can't wait to get back to this good old country of mine! It just feels so different when you are in Canada. I feel so much safer!!

  2. Is that shot of Peggy's Cove?

    Being Canadian can feel different in every province as each province in uniquely different but we all have one thing in common - hockey :)

    And Timmies of course :)

    Canada,as explained to me by a 6th grade teacher is a melting pot - we blend. We're too nice not to. As opposed to the mosaic that is the USA. No blending there.

    I choose Canada!!!

  3. Yep, it is Peggy's Cove. I knew you'd get it! We took that picture back in 2004 when M and I went to Halifax together.

    You and your son think alike. He also said hockey, of course!