Monday, September 30, 2013

What Makes Me Happy #8

(I'm making a list of 101 things that make me happy. Go here to read rounds #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7)

Every day my girl surprises me in some way and makes me laugh. I promise myself I'll remember what she said or did that made me burst out laughing, but too many times it's gone, long gone before I've written it down or shared it with the hubs. Here's my attempt to remember some of those, perhaps, not so unforgettable moments! You know, the times where immediate cleanup is usually necessary, but a picture first is more important? 

33. I was simply trying to put Little m's clothes away after finishing the laundry. Little did I know she had found my makeup bag and decided to have eye shadow for breakfast! 
20 month old eye shadow eater
34. Little m loved going into the cupboards and taking everything out. It kept her happy and busy. This was right around the time we were moving so I probably sat her down there to keep her occupied while I was packing. I didn't realize she also liked opening containers and I found her munching on Earl Grey tea leaves one afternoon. She was a bit hyped up after that little snack! Parenting fail.
11 month old tea taster
35. I guess I didn't learn my lesson and disaster struck again at the new house after playtime in the cupboards. There were elastics around the split peas and beans but apparently she figured out how to remove them. She and the dog kept trying to eat everything off the floor as I was cleaning up, and actually, she's probably nibbling on a piece in the picture below. I'm still finding split peas under my fridge over a year later! 
14 month old legume lover
36. Dog food. 'Nuff said. This still disgusts me but perhaps one day I will think it's funny. Even today I saw Little m licking her hand after helping feed Bama. Yuck! 
17 month old kibble and bits biter
37. That month or two when we began potty training and Little m was obsessed with being nekkid during naps and bedtime, yeah, that was so much fun. Did you notice I said when we "began" potty training, not "after". There were only two huge stinky messes, but clearly I'm trying to remove those incidents from my memory. Anyway, it started when Little m learned how to undo her sleepsack. We began putting it on backwards and she quickly figured out how to unzip it that way too. Next, she learned how to remove all pieces of clothing, especially her diaper. We started putting her diaper on backwards and that stumped her for a few days. I was ready to get the duct tape out but we learned to embrace the nakedness and would sneak into her room an hour after she fell asleep to put a diaper on! What a gal. 

If you have a kid have you had to deal with better or worse? 

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  1. So funny.....good to write these things down because it is really hard to remember them....little m is interested in everything!!