Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Makes Me Happy #7

My happy list is quite overdue for an update. Here are a few more things that bring a smile to my face!
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#29. Trader Joe's is the greatest grocery store in the universe. As if regular Joe-Joe's (oreos) aren't amazing enough, at Christmastime, Trader Joe's comes out with Candy Cane Joe-Joe's. While searching for a picture of these I found a Facebook group dedicated to this cookie so that should tell you a little something about how delicious they are. Anyway, when our friends were visiting back in November, M offered them some for dessert one night. Okay, get ready, I'm getting to the funny part. He pulls out the box and in triple speed offers them a TraderJoe'sCandyCaneJoe-Joe. As if everyone knows what a TraderJoe'sCandyCaneJoe-Joe is. They were so confused. HAHA, okay, maybe you had to be there for that one. These scrumptious cookies will forever be referred to as TraderJoe'sCandyCaneJoe-Joes now. Say it really fast, it's fun.

#30. Little m’s hairy ears. I absolutely love them. At birth, these suckers were quite hairy, and even at three months, when the picture below was taken, there was a little left. All the hair is gone now at six months which means my baby's a big girl, wahhh! It was so cute while it lasted.

#31. When M and I were in New Zealand, we happened upon a guy selling meat pies out of a camper in Auckland. Random, yes. After we ordered, I swear I heard the guy thank M for paying and then said, “Sweet A$$”. I was so confused. Why was this meat man complimenting M on his a$$? Fast forward a few days and I hear a server say the same thing. Really? What is it with New Zealanders and their obsession with M’s cheeks? I brought this up to M and it turns out he didn’t hear either compliment and was convinced I was making these things up! Fast forward another few days and while browsing a souvenir shop I see a shirt with “Sweet As” on it. It turns out this is a popular saying that is similar to cool or awesome, but with the NZ accent, sounds like something much different! I told M not to worry though, his a$$ is still sweet to me.

#32. Another New Zealand memory that makes me smile happened the first morning we arrived in Auckland. After traveling for 20+hours and arriving in Auckland very early in the morning we caught a shuttle into the city. We got off at the nearest stop, which was still a ten minute walk to our hotel. Up a huge hill. With a baby. Pushing a stroller. Pulling two huge suitcases. Wearing our carry on luggage. At 6am. It must have been a funny sight. We were sweating. It was not funny at the time, but now we can laugh about it for sure.

Tell me something funny in your life lately.

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  1. How can I top your stories????? So funny!!!! I love reading your blogs. I'll think about a funny story and get back to ya!!!