Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photo Challenge, Day Three: What I Wore

This sums up what I wear each and every day!
Today's photo challenge is to show what I wore. One sure way to make the baby fall asleep is to bring her for a walk. I have a moby wrap and I like it very much, but this seven sling is super handy, quick to put on, and best of all - I can nurse Little m while I carry her! It is one of my greatest buys. The other night I actually fed her while shopping in Costco. Last week I walked down the sidewalk feeding her. I'm not sure if people realize that I'm breastfeeding because I do drape my shoulder with a blanket, so it may just appear as though I've covered up my sleeping baby? Do you think people clue in? Not that I care :)


  1. Great picture!! Nope, I don't think people clue in at all!! It's wonderful that you can nurse Little M on the go.

  2. Oh I wish I had such a thing when mine were babies! I think its great. And you wear it well my dear :)

  3. She looks very peaceful in that pictures :)