Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo Challenge, Day One: Self-Portrait

I've decided to participate in a photo challenge throughout the month of October, along with a whole bunch of other bloggers. I wanted to do this because 1) maybe I'll learn a little bit about photography, and 2) it gives me something to write about other than the baby! But as you'll see, I included Little m in my first picture, so that didn't work out too well, did it?!

Day One was to take a self-portrait. I've been wanting to take a recent picture of me and baby girl to compare to my last bump picture, so this was the perfect excuse.

I took the picture on the left on August 14th, three days before baby girl was born. I was 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. The picture on the right was taken today, 6 weeks and 5 days after giving birth. It's still so surreal to think that Little m was the thing growing inside me for nine months, kicking me all the time, and making me have to pee every half hour. I've said it a million times, but I still can't get over how amazing the human body is!


  1. Well you look fantastic! No excess baby fat for you!

    I look forward to seeing your photography work!

    ........starting with more baby pics of course.

  2. Sad but true, Marina, I'm still "overweight" according to those silly height/weight charts. If I could lose 17 lbs I'd be at my goal weight! Guess I shouldn't have bought that bag of cookies yesterday :)

  3. Oh you look beautiful to me, my beautiful daughter!! That picture doesn't do you justice. I can't wait to see more photos, also!!

  4. 17 pounds? Nonsense!

  5. You look fantastic!!! That's the one big thing that got to me after having Stella, just how surreal it was that she lived in me for 9 months. It was so overwhelming and amazing to think Josh and I created her. Just thinking about it brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to see you and meet little m next week.