Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo Challenge, Day Four: Something Green

The challenge for today was to take a picture of something green. There was lots to choose from but yes, lettuce was the winner.

Lately I'm loving this artisan lettuce from Costco. It's super cheap and comes with six heads of lettuce, three different types. I find it stays fresher longer than the typical romaine hearts that I buy, and bagged salad just tastes gross, don't cha think?

I'm really trying to step up my healthy eating, for a couple of reasons. Mainly because it's good for me! But we're also going away on (our first family) vacation soon and I hate looking back at pictures of flabby ole me. Maybe if I buy healthy foods that I actually like, I'll make better eating choices.

There you go, my public service announcement for the day :)


  1. That looks so yummy. We go through so much lettuce and I love to have all different kinds of lettuce on hand. I'll have to see if my Costco carries it!

  2. I havent seen that kind at my Costco!

    Good job finding something green other than the obvious :)

  3. Yummy... I love that lettuce.... You must be so excited about your upcoming trip!!