Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo Challenge, Day Six: From a Low Angle

Day six in the photo challenge was to take a picture from a low angle. Here's my boy, Bama, laying at the top of the stairs. What a sweetheart.
A lot of people ask me how our dog has adjusted to having a new baby sister :) In short, the answer is quite well! For the first week or two he was super anxious, running toward the baby every time she made a sound. He was really confused with the new crying creature, but he's gotten used to her and ignores her for the most part.

I feel guilty that Mr. Greybeard doesn't get the same attention he once did, but I try my best to give him a little love every time I walk past him. Hopefully once baby girl gets on more of a schedule we can make taking Bama for walks a priority. I think he's getting used to being #2. Sob.


  1. I love that dog!

    I havent gotten attached to any dog since Frodo - I mostly ignore them, like Bama does with his sister :) But this lovable lug won me over!

  2. Bama is the best. He is so lovable. I'm going to miss him when he heads back to Chicago.