Sunday, October 2, 2011

Date Night(s)!

My parents were visiting this weekend and baby girl is somewhat proficient at taking a bottle now, so you know what that means? Date night!

On Thursday night, the husband and I headed to Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese BBQ place just off the Magnificent Mile. My parents actually gifted us a Groupon to this restaurant, and our first date night since Little m was born was the perfect excuse to use it.

I started the night off right by ordering a lychee shochu, which was quite tasty.
Notice the pinky? I'm fancy like that.

We ordered the prix fixe for our meal, and were served miso soup, salad, and a tuna volcano (basically a rice ball with spicy tuna on top) to start.
M took a picture of me taking the picture!
Our main meal included bibimbop, plus veggies and four different meats to grill on the bbq.
The food took between 1-4 minutes to cook and there were three types of dipping sauces to try. The filet was my favourite, mmm mmmm good.
And for dessert - smores!
I had dark chocolate and M had milk chocolate. Just like being at the campfire!
Overall, our meal was very good! Tabletop cooking is a fun experience, although I feel that it makes the meal a bit chaotic. You want to eat the food while it's hot but you're also concerned with putting more meat on the grill and flipping it at the appropriate times. You can't just sit back and relax! Well, I guess you could take your time eating and cooking, but we're piglets and like to eat eat eat!

Little m was so well behaved with my parents that we went out to the movies on Friday night for Date #2! It was so nice to get out, have a break from baby, and spend time with the husband!


  1. Oh I remember those precious date nights when M was a baby. We were lucky to live in the same city as all of the grandparents and aunts and uncles, so we too advantage of that.

    You're lucky that your folks were there! Now its time to seek out a good sitter in the neighborhood though so that date nights can happen more often.

  2. We loved watching little M. She is so sweet. Just remember, we are only a 5.5 hour drive away. Plan your date nights ahead of time and we will be there!! (Isn't that why we both retired??) Can't wait to see that little peanut again next weekend. I sure hope you and Big M have made plans for Sunday night!!