Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Doughnut Vault

Remember this post where I mentioned wanting to go to the Doughnut Vault? Well, a few weeks ago when my parents were visiting Chicago, we got up early to stand in line for what turned out to be pretty darn delicious donuts!

We drove the fifteen minutes to River North, easily found street parking, and claimed fifth spot in line at 8am. The Doughnut Vault opens on weekdays at 8:30am so we didn't have to wait too long and by the time half an hour passed, the lineup was winding around the corner.
Here we are, in the bakery, or shall I say hole in the wall. This little alcove is quite truly the entire place. It can hold four or five people total - you step up to the counter, order, and get out quickly!
We ordered one of each donut plus two coffees, which totaled $16. Expensive but do I dare say worth it?
Starting in the top right corner and moving clockwise we have pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, a 3-piece stack of gingerbread, and buttermilk old fashioned. I was extremely surprised at the hugeness of these donuts, but I guess we are in America after all!
My parents and I decided to cut each donut into four because the plan was to bring M the leftovers at work. Yes, I brought my own knife and it was the best decision ever.
We decided that a quarter of each donut was way too much, so we ended up eating an eighth and here is what we were left with after filling our bellies to the max...
That's a lot of donut leftover!

We took a nice walk (not nearly long enough to burn off those calories!) along the river to M's work and dropped the leftovers off to him to share with his colleagues.

Now, for my favourite? Hmm, all of them were truly delectable, but the pistachio was so unique tasting that I'm leaning toward that one simply for its creativity! I just asked M what his favourite was and he said vanilla (why? because it tasted good). Men! Overall, I would highly recommend trying a donut at this place at least once! Would I go back? Not likely, simply because I don't eat donuts very often, but I could be swayed if someone visiting had a big craving for donuts and really wanted to go!

PS - I just looked at the Doughnut Vault website and saw they posted two pictures of my parents and I filling our faces. We're famous!


  1. mmmmmm doughnuts!

  2. Just thinking about those doughnuts makes my mouth water. They were delicious. I think I liked the buttermilk old fashioned the best. It was so yummy. It was fun driving there... I was surprised how close we could park. It was just a short walk away to M's office and the best part of it all was that we walked right past a Binny's store and stopped and shopped there on our way back to the car. I had forgotten about the lady taking pictures that day.... so glad we made it onto their website!!