Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Woman's Work is Never Done

My dad often decides to start huge projects at the oddest times. For my wedding three years ago he decided to redo the whole upstairs level of my parents' house. This year, for my baby shower, he decided to put a new liner in the pool, get a crazy space age cover, plus cover the wooden deck with all weather tiling.

Of course he was running around last minute trying to finish up this huge project in time, so I offered to help click together the deck tiles. So yes, at exactly 32 weeks pregnant, I can boast about how I installed the pool deck flooring :)
It actually wasn't very difficult at all. After 3-4 hours and with a little help from my BFF (poor girl just stopped by to drop things off and I put her to work) the deck was complete! The tiles clicked together easily and just needed a little hammer action to fasten them together.
After covering the sides of the deck and doing what felt like 300 squats, I got smart and finished the largest part of the deck by sitting on my butt in one place and pushing the completed tiles down to the end. This was so much easier than kneeling and continuously moving myself backwards!
After all that hard work, I spent the rest of my days like this...
or this...
and sometimes like this...
and this!
Having a pool to deal with the summer heat is WONDERFUL. I really don't know how I'm going to stay cool now that I'm back in Chicago and pool-less!


  1. Well good for you! Your child will enjoy looking back at the pictures of the things you did when you were pregnant. Lots of good stories!

    And I love the space age pool cover!! Great idea Willie!

  2. I was very skeptical of the pool cover, but I actually kind of like it!
    It keeps all the dirt and leaves out (my mom used to have to vacuum the pool almost everyday), it protects against UV so you don't need sunscreen, and it also helps heat the pool! It'll also be nice that you can swim no matter what the weather is like, or even at night since you won't have to battle the mosquitos anymore! Win, win!

  3. I love the pool cover. Your dad and I just got in from swimming under the moon and weren't bugged by any mosquitoes at all. It keeps the water quite warm, also. You did a great job with the deck tiles. I couldn't believe how fast you got that job done. Your baby will be very proud of you!!