Friday, July 22, 2011

33 Week Update

I should have written this post a few weeks ago but didn't have the chance, so even though it's now outdated, I figure better late than never! Time for belly comparisons!

June 10th (30 weeks)
June 17th (31 weeks) vs July 1st (33 weeks)

The picture below is also from July 1st, but this time while I'm wearing regular clothing rather than my cat burglar outfit:
It keeps growing and growing and growing! I didn't realize the belly growth that occurred over those three weeks until I compared the pictures just now! The human body is truly amazing.

At 32 weeks I finally received my first comment from a stranger about being pregnant! And guess where I was at the time? The beer store! I was helping my mom return a bunch of bottles and the cashier told me I shouldn't be carrying something so heavy. I almost jumped for joy even though the comment was completely unnecessary! Being pregnant does not make me an invalid and I'm pretty sure I can handle maneuvering ten pounds of beer bottles around :)

Baby's movements at this time were becoming rolls and turns, rather than kicks. I could lay on the couch and be content watching my belly flip flop around for hours. Other than Baby bumping into my ribs sometimes and the occasional bout of heartburn at night, I truly felt great. During weeks 31-32 I visited my parents at home and having access to their pool was wonderful. I'd often lay weightlessly on a pool raft on my belly! I haven't been able to lay that way for a long time!

The only bad thing about visiting my parents was that when I went back to Chicago and had my next doctor's appointment, I learned I had overindulged a bit much (it seems to be a common theme when I visit home) and gained a few pounds in a small amount of time, for a total of 12lbs overall. Which now when I think about it.. who gives a rat's a$$! I visited with family or friends almost every single night, ate really good food, and enjoyed myself immensely!

In the next few days I hope to post my 36 week update so if you think I had a belly back on July 1st, you should see it now!


  1. You look so beautiful being pregnant. I can't wait to see your next post. I loved having you home and being at the cottage. I loved putting my hands on your belly and feeling baby move. I can't wait to meet baby!! Soon, soon, soon!!! Give your baby baump an extra rub from his/her granny today.

  2. Pregnancy sure seems to agree with you!!