Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Flower Mix-Up

Last week I walked into my parents' house and saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on the table. I saw a happy birthday balloon attached to the vase and figured someone sent my mom a belated birthday gift. When my mom told me the flowers were for me I was so confused - my birthday is in December! I opened the card and saw the flowers were sent by my mother in law and sister in law, wishing me a happy baby shower. How thoughtful!

At first I thought maybe the happy birthday balloon was just an early birthday greeting for the baby - the shower was the next day, after all. That made a bit of sense, but why not just get a congratulations balloon or actual baby shower balloon?
Then I figured the flower shop must have just gotten confused, which after talking with my mother-in-law, found out that was exactly the case. The flower shop was actually really good about it - they called and told me they could either replace the balloon or bring me extra flowers for the mix-up. Given this choice, who would actually pick a replacement balloon?!

And that is how I ended up with two lovely bouquets of flowers and a good laugh! Thanks Nanny Marina and Aunt Samantha! It made my day :)


  1. The flowers were beautiful even if the balloon did say Happy Birthday. The replacement flowers were lovely also. It makes you feel so special when you receive flowers, doesn't it? That was so thoughtful of Marina and Samantha.

  2. Arrgg I was so mad about the balloon mixup I was spitting fire! I'm glad the flower shop compensated for their mistake. Still wish we could have been there though :)