Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cottage Week 2011

Another family week at the cottage has come and gone!

This year was especially fun for a couple of reasons: Bama the dog came, plus we rented a cottage in a new location, which means different places to explore!
Along with the regular house, we also got a log cabin, steps from the lake. There wasn't much of a beach area and it was quite murky close to shore anyway, so thankfully we had a pontoon boat that we'd drive to the middle of the lake to go swimming each day. The water was beautiful! Clear and warm!
Here's my dad, taking us out for a ride. Do you like his du-rag? He forgot a hat so he made a killer looking du-rag from a kitchen hand towel. HAHA, what a special guy.
There was a nice playground area for the kids to run around in plus lots of walking trails in the backyard area.
Being able to leave Bama off leash for the majority of the week was spectacular. He absolutely loves water and could swim and play fetch with his frisbee for hours.
I spent the week relaxing in anti-gravity chairs, reading, sleeping in, biking, eating amazing food (including smores of course), and relaxing with not a care in the world. It was grrreat.
One night, we took the boat out for a sunset cruise and my sister-in-law got some pretty nice pictures! I like how our clothing sorta matches the background.
And, what would a family vacation be without a family picture? Here's the whole gang!
I'm looking forward to next year's cottage week already!


  1. wonderful pictures Jill...and your daddy-O is the coolest with his kitchen du-rag....

  2. Ha ha... I love the picture of your dad.... only he could get away with that look. I loved the cottage week this year as well. The house had lots of room, it was quiet and secluded for the most part and the pontoon boat was so much fun... I never thought I would enjoy swimming right off of a boat like I did. I can't wait to go back next year. It's booked!!