Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Thoughts...

Three random thoughts on this lovely Friday...

1) How do you properly pronounce Chi-Town? I've heard some say it like "chai" as in the tea, and others as "shy". I'm so confused. Someone please help.

2) I keep hearing about a magical place called The Doughnut Vault. This place has huge lineups, opens at 8:30am and is sold out within the hour. To what lengths would you go for the most delicious donut in the world?!
3) Why do so many drivers in Chicago turn left or right from the centre of the lane? Do driver's ed teachers not explain that when turning you should 1) use your gd blinker, and 2) move the eff over? Oh my goodness.. did I just say that?

1 comment:

  1. Don't you just hate that when drivers do that? I can hear and feel your pain. My pet peeve is when drivers pass a person on a bike and they move way over into the oncoming traffic without even thinking that maybe they should wait until it is clear. I have had to stop or pull way over to avoid getting hit by some idiot that didn't look to see if anyone was coming.... duh!!
    As for the donut...why don't we try it sometime and see if it is worth it???