Friday, July 2, 2010

Movin' On Up

The last few days have been very busy! We moved to a new country!
Moving internationally takes a lot of work. It's all in the hidden details. Cancelling this, making sure you have insurance for that, filling out all the forms, etc.
With the help of my parents, and our friends Dennis and Nari, it took us about 3.5 hours to load the truck. Slow, slow, slow, but thanks to my dad's extraordinary knot tying skills, everything stayed in place over the 525 mile ride to Chicago.
Everything fit, but just barely!
We drove a few hours to my brother's place to stay the night on Wednesday. Hot tubbing was so nice after a long day of lifting boxes.
Early on Thursday morning we took off across the border. The moving truck cleared customs in 5 minutes, but importing my car took a good hour. The customs guy said he hadn't done an import for 2 years and was having technical difficulties. Ugh.

We finally made it to Chicago by mid afternoon and emptied the truck in an hour and a half. Unloading was so much easier and faster! w00t
Please don't touch me, sweaty husband :)
And now we are about 90% unpacked in our new place. Only a few more boxes to go! Special thanks to my parents for all of their help!

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  1. We enjoyed helping you and M move to Chicago. Also, I feel so much better now that I have a feel for the area after spending the past four days with you and M. I think you live in a very lovely area. It was so nice meeting Bama also. Your apartment is very nice also... now that most of the unpacking is done and everything seems to fit into place.