Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Grand Tour #1

We are pretty much settled into our new place in Chicago, so the grand tour is beginning......... NOW!

For today's tour we are venturing upstairs. When you walk into the master bedroom, here is what you see! One giant bed! The bedroom is a good size, it's just that our king sized bed, two big armoires, plus a chair and ottoman take up a lot of room!
Here's my side of the bed. I am officially in love with interior brick.
And here is M's side.
Next up is the guest bedroom slash office slash my clothing closet. The recliner is temporarily our desk chair until we either sell it or find another space for it.
And here is our one and only bathroom. So spacious and modern ;) Having one bathroom isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but having two is definitely ideal.
In our old condo, we had a storage room plus one more room than we currently have here. I thought storage would be a problem, but thank goodness this closet holds a lot of junk!
There you have it, that's our upstairs level. There will probably be no more decorating than what has been done (if you can call that decorating) because this is just a rental, and really, I am not the cutesy decorating type. In fact, all of the pictures are hanging only because there were already nails in the walls in those exact spots!

Stay tuned for the downstairs tour.. sometime soon!


  1. very nice make it look so nice and cozy..

  2. Wow... it really looks nice..... just like I remembered it.... I'm amazed at how much you could get into that closet..... I really liked the recliner in the guest bedroom when I was visiting. When I was finished surfing the net I just inclined the chair a bit so I could read and then when I got sleepy I inclined all the way and fell asleep. It was so comfy!!

  3. Just don't get your father-in-law started on decorating when we visit - its expensive!

    And the place looks great as is.

  4. LOVE the brick. It looks awesome. Can't wait to visit sometime!

  5. Love Love Love your new home!!!! Can't wait to visit!!! xoxo