Friday, July 30, 2010

Kilimanjaro: What to Pack?

I'm knee deep in packing for Kilimanjaro and it's not a pretty sight.
I've been reading a lot of travel sites, climbers' blogs, and whatever other materials I can get my hands on regarding climbing Kilimanjaro. There's so much to think about because the climate is so variable, warm at the bottom of the mountain, below freezing at the top, and we're sure to hit every type of weather imaginable on the way up.

M and I went on a huge shopping spree because everything we wear must be dry-fit material that wicks moisture away. We also needed to buy sleeping bags, a big backpack, hiking boots, rain gear, camelbaks with insulated tubes, etc. etc. etc. Seriously, the list could go on forever and I think this is the most expensive trip we've ever taken. The good news is that I am now prepared for any future outdoor activity!

I found it really helpful to read other climbers' packing lists, so here's mine (so far.. I'm not quite done yet). Keep in mind that the climb we are taking is seven days.

- 1 pair of shorts, 2 pants, 3 t-shirts, 2 long sleeved shirts, 3 undies, 2 liner socks, 3 hiking socks, sports bra, hat, sunglasses, something to wear around camp and to bed (t-shirt, pj pants)
- raincoat, rain pants
- long johns, winter fleece, down coat, toque, balaclava, 2 pairs of thin gloves, winter gloves
- hiking boots, shoes, flip flops

- small daypack, large backpack, waterproof sac, sleeping bag, flashlights, head lamp with extra batteries
- mosquito repellent, sunscreen (SPF 70!), chapstick, glide stick, first aid stuff like bandaids
- all your normal personal toiletry items, toilet paper, kleenex, wet naps, ear plugs
- ziplock baggies, plastic bags, quick drying towel
- camelbak, water bottle, water purification tablets, flavoured drink mixes
- camera, iPod, books, playing cards

- anti-malaria pills, altitude sickness pills, immodium, tylenol

- fruit-to-go, fruit-nut bars, protein bars, electrolyte replacers - Goo, Shot Blocks

Things to Rent:
-hiking sticks, gaiters, toilet

That's all I can think of right now. I am getting quite nervous but trying to think positively and visualizing myself at the summit!

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  1. You are M are going to have a wonderful time. Keep thinking positive thoughts! How are you going to get all this up the mountain with you?