Thursday, July 8, 2010

DMK Burger Bar Review

Sometimes a girl just needs a good burger in her life. And fries. And come to think of it, a milkshake too.
I was first introduced to DMK Burger Bar by M's friends, one of whom lives in California and has to eat at DMK every time he's in Chicago. While my parents were visiting, we took them here and it did not disappoint!

There are lots of burgers to choose from, many different types of meat available (grass fed beef, lamb, turkey, etc.) and omg delicious toppings. I ordered the beef burger with marinated portobellos, blue brie, griddled scallions, and dijonnaise. It was to die for. I have no pictures because come on here, if you knew what this burger tasted like, you wouldn't pause to take a picture either!

We ordered three small sides of fries to share, which I did take a picture of. The fries from left to right are parmesan with truffle cream, Wisconsin cheddar and scallion, and sweet potato with lemon tobasco aioli. Best fries I've ever tasted.
Next time I would order only one or two sides of fries to share between four people because I was stuffed with this amount of food. And as if that wasn't gluttonous enough, for dessert M and I shared a butterfinger milkshake to go. Seriously, it would be criminal not to order a milkshake here.

So there you have it. Come to Chicago, eat at DMK, then walk around for the rest of you trip to burn it all off!


  1. I think I'd better go on a hunger strike to prepare for a week in Chicago!

    That place looks like a place called The Works here in Ottawa. M knows it I'm sure...

  2. @Marina: Yes, DMK is similar to The Works, although The Works has more "wacky" burgers to choose from. Both delicious places!

  3. I have to say that the hamburger that I had was the best burger I have tasted in a long time. Everything was just right about it. The fries were sooooo good!!! I think I will have to visit there everytime I come to Chicago.

  4. Wow! That looks amazing! I like your Chi-town reviews.