Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back and Better Than Ever

Hellooo... hellooo.. hellooo.

Is anyone out there? I am back and I am alive! Ugh, life sometimes gets in the way of blogging :)

I feel good. I'm caught up with things at work. I had a nice weekend of nothingness. I now feel a balance with things in my life, which I haven't felt for some time now. Busy, busy.

Here's what I'm up to today:
It looks like a disaster, I realize this, but when I'm done it's going to be great. I've been cleaning and organizing like it's nobody's business. My drawers and closets are magnificent, and don't even get me started on what under the bathroom sink looks like. It's a thing of beauty.

My living room, on the other hand is a little scary. I've piled up a bunch of stuff I want to sell or give to Goodwill, or get rid of somehow. You want something?

I just love weekends like this. They keep me sane.
So, I've missed you, what's new?


  1. I've missed your blog! I like to see what you are up to!! Glad that you are back....

  2. Jill- we too are organizing and purging beyond belief. I love the feeling that comes with purging the house of all the things we don't need! I think we have made 20 trips to the Goodwill! Good luck!

  3. You're back! I was just moaning to M that I missed your blog!

    Oh yes, nothing like a good purge. Decluttering your home will help declutter your mind. It feels good :)

  4. G, I'll take the TV and PS3. M won't mind.
    Glad you're back - how else am I to spend 8 hours at work?