Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, the Joys...

... of condo living.

So, do you remember when I was telling you about getting a new bed? The delivery was all set up, last Thursday between 5-9. I got a phone call around 7 saying that the bed was here but couldn't be delivered. WHA?

These are the times when I hate living in a condo. Apparently nothing can be delivered after 6 o'clock due to condo rules. Give me a break, it was going to take 5 minutes. I begged the concierge to just let it slide, but he has no heart. Then I found out I had to book an elevator in advance and give a $300 deposit.

The next issue I encountered was with Sleep Country. Their policy is to call the morning of the delivery, telling you a three hour window they'll come by at. How can anyone who is employed get something delivered without taking a day off?? This is ridiculous. I also couldn't pick up my mattress at the warehouse because it's a warranty claim (again, this makes no sense).

After getting angry with the customer service at Sleep Country, the best they could offer me was delivery today, between 3-6. I rearranged my prep time, left work early, and yes, THE BED IS HERE!!! And it's lovely.
Here she blows!
But Sleep Country, how dare you make a mess of my floors! Please do not advertise your clean, cute booties if they do not work! I'm not impressed that I have to go mop now.


  1. We will have to get a walk-up or something non-highrise in Chicago so we can avoid this crap! Makes me want to sell and be done with it.

    Excited to be home in 2 weeks!

  2. I can't believe what you had to go through to get your mattress replaced. That's disgraceful the mess they made. You should send a picture off to Sleep Country. I'm sure they wouldn't even blink an eye though. Happy sleeping tonight!!

  3. I am glad you finally got your mattress and you can sleep well at night ;). I guess everything was going too smoothly in the beginning so something had to happen to mess that up eh.....Sleep tight!

  4. Customer service has gone the way of the dodo bird! Try shopping at the brick! No, wait - don't. Just trust me :)