Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wecome to the World, Beast!

I had such an exciting day at school! Today was the expected hatch day for our chicks! When I got to school three of the twelve eggs had pipped, which means that the chicks broke little holes in the egg to begin their hatching! Eeeee! Like this:
My students and I seriously spent most of the day just sitting, watching the incubator. They were so intrigued. Ha! The eggs rocked quite a bit all day and we could hear lots of peeps. Slowly but surely, by the end of the day all of the eggs had pipping holes and cracks, but nothing BIG was happening.

All of the kids wanted me to help the chicks and break open the eggs and I wanted to as well, but I kept saying.. let nature take its course, let nature take its course! I don't think the kids understood that or cared, they just wanted the chicks out!

But then.... right when the bell rang, "Beast" started to make his/her appearance. It took about 5 minutes in total for him/her to get out of his/her shell fully and it was oh soo soooooo exciting!
Hello, Beast, welcome to the world! Sorry for the craptastic pictures. I was taking pics with my iPhone and it was in the heat of the moment and by this time I was surrounded by at least 30 screaming children. It was great!
Then I was angry because I had to leave as quick as I could because I had an appointment. I CANNOT WAIT TILL TOMORROW!

Now, here are some cuter pictures of the chicks from the other classroom that hatched earlier and are now fluffy and cute!


  1. Cute chicks.... I can't wait to see them!! It must be so amazing watching them peck their way out of the egg.

  2. I would be just as excited as you. I told A and E that I would show them the pics in the next couple of days. Of course, they want to come and see them in person!!!

  3. I wonder how many of your kids will refuse to eat chicken now! Or eggs! :)

  4. Those chicks are cute but I still love chicken!