Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

A few things I learned this Thanksgiving:

1) Cooking can be stressful! Now I understand why my mom runs around like a crazy lady on holidays.
2) Turkeys take a long time to cook.
3) I need a meat thermometer.
4) It takes hours to prepare dinner and just 15 minutes to eat it.
5) Pumpkin pie has become more and more delicious over the years.
6) It doesn't matter if all the food is hot. Just pour on steaming hot gravy!
7) Holidays are a lot nicer when spent with family.
8) Fancy platters = more dishes. Serving right out of the pot is the way to go.

The picture above was taken on day 4 of bleeding eye syndrome. The picture doesn't do it justice. On Thursday (day 7), three different people asked me if I got punched in the face. Thankfully now (day 9) the redness is gone and the peeling skin has begun. I hope by Monday (day 11) I am back to normal!

1 comment:

  1. You looked so cool, calm and collected making the dinner.... you looked like a pro!! It was very delicious...right out of the pots.... I can't believe your bleeding eye syndrome got worse!! I hope you took the makeup back!!