Saturday, October 31, 2009

Do You Neti? (H1N1.. Part 2)

I'm sure you've received the email describing ways to stay healthy and avoid catching the flu. I know I've gotten it at least 5 times, probably 3 of those times from my mother :) Most of the ideas are common sense - don't pick your nose, don't cough on people, wash your hands, take a multivitamin, eat healthy, exercise, sleep..

Since school started in September I've really been slacking in the whole taking care of myself area. You'd think I'd be smarter and up the precautions since I'm surrounded by germy kids all day, but that hasn't been the case.. until now! I am starting now! Why? Being sick in any way is the pits!

Here's my lineup...

apples, soap, vitamins, neti pot, hand sanitizer, listerine, garlic

Most are self-explantory. I've been thinking about getting a neti pot for a couple of years so I finally went out this morning and got one. I asked M to take some pictures of my first time use. Bahahaha. It was actually quite refreshing!

Have you changed any of your habits because of this whole H1N1 scare?


  1. Ah yes the neti pot - Brad loves his! I have yet to use it however....

    I am washing my hands alot more and definately using hand sanitizer, especially at the gym - its a haven for germs.

    Way less trick or treaters tonight - I wonder if the flu scare was a reason. I hope not - that would just be silly!

  2. we have a neti pot just like yours!! Funny thing about picking your nose... I just heard this on the radio.... you decide.... in privacy, I hope!!!

  3. I haven't really changed my habits, but I'm definitely more aware of people AROUND me. There are A LOT OF PEOPLE who DO NOT wash their hands after they use the bathroom. Swine flu or not, that's just gross. Especially in the AIRPORT? Where millions of people travel on a weekly basis? Sheesh.

    And I love my Neti Pot. It's WONDERFUL.