Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Last Wedding Gift

I think we've received our last wedding gift. I can't believe we're so lucky - a year and three months later and we're still getting stuff! My family's friends couldn't make it to our wedding - they were on an Alaskan cruise, a pretty good excuse. Fortunately for us, they have a tradition of making quilts as gifts so I was very excited to see what they made for M and I.

I can't imagine how many hours a quilt must take to create. What a wonderful gift. It's personalized just for us with lots of teacher fabric for me and music fabric for M. Very nice! It's the perfect temperature blanket too, I've been sleeping with it ever since we got it!

Funny enough, our friends' initials are the same as mine and M's!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Nice and warm on cold Toronto winter nights!

  2. It is a beautiful quilt. I knew you and M would like it. They put so much love and time into making each quilt and they always make it so it suits the couple it is for. I wish they could have been at your wedding. We sure did miss them!!

  3. those quilts are AWESOME! we love ours.