Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apples Galore

Ahhh, fall... the season that means winter is on its way. Kidding, sort of. My favourite thing about fall is the changing leaves. I miss living in the country and catching the beautiful fall colours, so I was happy to take a drive out to Applewood Farm a few weekends ago with M.

Applewood is an orchard plus a winery, so after picking a big bag of apples we tasted three wines. Yum! They also had a corn maze (very sad looking) and pumpkin patches.

I finally got around to using some of the apples to make pie tonight. Oh lordy! My belly is too full right now so I'll share with you the pictures and recipe tomorrow.


  1. Don't you just love fall?? All the colours!! I can't believe all the different colours of leaves this year.... too bad we have to rake them up!!

  2. Those are great pictures!

    We used to do alot of apple picking when M was little. We didn't have wine though. Nice touch!! :)