Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bleeding Eyes

This is what my face normally looks like:

And this is what it currently look like:

Bah! I'm so annoyed! About a month ago I bought a bunch of new makeup. Good, expensive stuff. To be exact, a Bare Minerals kit that included concealer, powder, and bronzer, plus some Urban Decay eyelid primer that helps make eye makeup last. Oooh, I was excited! New makeup - fun! After using everything for a week or so, my eyes started watering like crazy. Then a couple of days later under my eyes got all red, dry, and itchy. Really attractive. And so sore.

I stopped using all makeup and went to my doctor to get a prescription for some cream. About a week later my students finally stopped asking what was wrong with me and my face was almost back to normal. I figured I must have been allergic to the concealer since that's the only thing I was putting under my eyes.

Well this week I thought I might as well start wearing my old makeup again, plus the new eyelid primer. And of course, two days later my eyes are red and itchy AGAIN. Damn you eyelid primer! I am so sad because this stuff was amazing. And how come my lids (where the makeup goes) are not red and swollen? I'm so confused.

Now... should I retest the concealer that I thought I was allergic to in the first place or give up and bring everything back to the store? What if I'm allergic to everything?


  1. My personal opinion is get rid of it.... take it back to the store..... you must be sensitive to whatever is in it. You are so pretty you don't need any makeup, anyways!!!

  2. Listen to your mother :)

  3. It's not the makeup, you clearly contracted conjunctivitis from one of your students. Or maybe cooties. Could be worse -- at least it's not your lips this time!!

  4. hahahaha. I LOVE your artistic simulation, but I'm sorry it's causing you such trauma. I heard eyelid primer is a great asset to have. Hopefully you can find a brand that doesn't make your eyes bleed. Miss you! xo

  5. So, I brought the makeup back finally. Now I'm scared to use anything because I haven't cleaned any of my brushes and I'm petrified that the bleeding eyes will come back.

    Hardy har har, older bro.. how did I know the three mile smile would eventually be brought up :)