Monday, June 27, 2011


I've noticed a favourite question for people to to ask pregnant ladies is, "How's your nursery coming along?"

What do you mean, what nursery? I have to make a nursery? Hrmm.

M and I currently live in a two bedroom place, which is perfectly fine for the time being. We use the second bedroom as an office/guest room. Now with baby coming though, two bedrooms doesn't seem like enough! Two plus a den, like we had in Toronto would be perfect, 3 bedrooms would be even better, but what can ya do? I have no interest in moving, yet again. Our 100 year old apartment is quite large, but the space is not designed well - we have a huge living room, a massive kitchen, but the bedrooms are fairly small. So, our second bedroom is now becoming the baby/guest room and we've moved our desk to a spot in the living room.

But here's my secret - I have no interest in designing a nursery. What's wrong with me?! I see pictures of cute nurseries everywhere on the internet. My brother and sister-in-law have one of the most gorgeous nurseries I've ever seen. But personally, I have no motivation to make a beautiful nursery for our baby! Maybe if I owned a house and had a specific room for a nursery I'd paint and make it all cutesy, maybe not. My life calling is definitely not to be a decorator. I kinda feel bad about this, but not really, and definitely not enough to do anything about it.

And so, here is what our nursery currently looks like:
So lovely, right?!

Those first pictures were actually taken a month ago and some progress has been made since then. M's parents bought the crib and mattress for us and my talented husband put all of it together, so the room is coming along, slowly but surely!
Do you have any tips for making the baby/guest room a bit nicer, but requires little effort and moolah?!


  1. Just add baby!! And put the money you'd spend on fluff in the bank for his college education :)

    The only thing I'd recommend might be some inexpensive peel on decals with bright colors for the walls and ceiling so that baby has some interesting things to look at when he's awake.

    Some really really good blinds for the windows

    And some 'white noise' like a fan - so the little sounds of every day living dont wake him up.

    So exciting!!!!

  2. p.s. I'm loving the crib!!

  3. Advice that we followed which may help you:

    -Get your crib used or as a gift (which you already have).
    -If you buy furniture make sure it will grow with your child or can be used in another room in the house when you are done with it.
    -Don't waste money on a change table.
    -If you paint, make sure it can be easily changed to suit your child's tastes when they get older. For example, only paint one wall, or use a neutral colour that can have different accents.

    Also I agree with Marina, wall decals are fun and only take a few minutes to put up. Windows are another easy way to decorate...pick out a nice colour of black out curtains to go over the binds or put up an inexpensive valance. Another easy way to decorate is to take all the stuffed animals, blankets, books, toys, etc that you receive as gifts and put them on an open shelf for some colour.

    Have fun! And remember, in the end your baby doesn't care what the nursery looks like as long as he/she is comfy! :)

  4. I think that whatever you do will be just right for the babe!! It's the fact that he/she will be so loved by so many people. Such a lucky baby!!