Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30 1/2 Weeks Update

Two months and four days till baby's expected due date! Since my last update three weeks ago, there have been major, major changes with my belly. I'll let you see for yourself.

May 18th (26 weeks and 5 days) VS. June 10th (30 weeks)

Um.. yeah. I'd say I officially "popped" around 28-29 weeks. I really wish these bathrooms pictures weren't so terrible - dark and I'm in different positions each time, but well.. I take them around 6:30am and it's the best I can do!

Here are a couple more I took that same morning and you can see that I look different in each picture. The size of the bump totally depends on the angle you're looking at and what I'm wearing.
I still fit into most of my regular clothing, tops for sure. I haven't tried on non-maternity pants recently but I'd guess they be difficult to zip up. If I could give advice to someone, it would be this - wear maternity clothes as soon as possible! Even though I fit into my regular clothes they make me look frumpy. My maternity clothes are more fitted around the belly and accentuate the baby bump, which in turn makes me look pregnant rather than lumpy.
I still haven't gotten any comments from strangers, but I have noticed a lot of people staring at my belly and smiling as I pass them on the street.

I went for a checkup yesterday and the doctor said I'm measuring perfectly. I gained one pound which puts me up to 8.5 lbs of total weight gain. The doctor is very happy with this number and says it's completely healthy so please don't tell me to eat more (mom)! The baby's heart rate was between 144-148. She confirmed my suspicions of Braxton Hicks contractions, which are occurring a few times a day, mostly while I'm walking. All of a sudden my belly will get really tight and a bit sensitive to the touch. I didn't really think anything of it until the teacher at my prenatal class explained this is what Braxton Hicks might feel like! So there, at least I've learned one thing from attending prenatal classes!

The baby has definitely moved positions and makes my belly extremely lopsided sometimes. M and I had a laugh last night as we were going to bed - my belly looked completely deformed. So weird. The baby is still moving around a lot and ow, often kicks or pushes into my ribs. I'm sure that'll only get worse :)

Overall, I am feeling super and have an exciting few weeks ahead - summer vacation is beginning soon, I'm going home for a nice long visit where I can swim and relax in my parents' newly renovated pool, AND my baby shower is in a week and a half!


  1. Lookin good as always! Can you believe that your peanut would pretty much look like an actual baby now if it were born? Craziness. Hope you enjoy the next two months. Give baby a rub for me :)

  2. You look fantastic!!

  3. You look wonderful!! I can't wait to pick you up on Wednesday evening and have you home for almost two weeks!!! Yay!!!!!