Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby Shower Time

This past Sunday I had my baby shower or "baby'que"! The weather was perfect for a backyard barbeque and pool party - clear blue skies and although it started off a little cool, the temperature heated up nicely throughout the day.
My party was at my parents' but hosted by my beautiful BFF and Aunt and I know my mom did a heck of a lot of work to help out too! I hardly saw my best friend all afternoon so I know she was pretty busy running around making sure everything was perfect!
Mostly everyone invited showed up - lots of family and friends! I think the last time my high school girlfriends were all together was July 2008 at my wedding (not including the night before the shower for a birthday party)!
We had all the fixings of a good BBQ - mini burgers and sausages, potato and pasta salad, deviled eggs, rancho beans, tutti fruitti, watermelon, lemonade to drink and of course cake for dessert!
The kids had a blast running around the yard, swimming, and going on frog hunts.
And, the sweetest way to end any party, especially because of the pregnant girl's sweet tooth? A candy buffet filled with tootsie pops, skittles, starbursts, hershey kisses, licorice, and Baby Ruth chocolate bars :)
It was a really lovely party and thanks to the guests' generosity, we are much more prepared for Baby's arrival!


  1. It was a great shower!! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the food was fantastic!! It was nice seeing your friends again. Now we just have to wait for the baby to be born!!! I think August 19th will be here before we know it!!

  2. Hope you saved me some rancho beans!!