Monday, June 6, 2011

An Exceptional Weekend

This weekend held the perfect balance of relaxation and productivity. Summer weather is definitely here and I'm loving spending as much time as possible outdoors. Gotta soak up the sun while it's here, right?

After work on Friday I headed downtown to Zed451 to meet up with M and some friends, one of them who was working the bar that night. He made me this super delicious strawberry kiwi minty drink that tasted like heaven on such a warm evening.
We sat up on the rooftop patio for a few hours chit chatting and catching up with our friends,
(why does my hand look so manly and ape-like?)
and eating fondue! Perfect meal for sharing.
Saturday was busy busy and included volunteering, a weekly to trip to the farmer's market, lots of frolicking outside, a road trip to the drive-in movie theatre, etc. etc. etc. Sunday's weather was more bearable so M and I took a long long walk through Lincoln Park, dodging goose turds the whole way :)
Something that's been on my to-do list for quite some time is to visit the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool which I see as a little hidden gem in this grand city of Chicago.
I loved it. So very peaceful and pretty. Definitely worth a walkabout.
And ta-da, look at my baby bump! It's massive, or as M so nicely puts it, I'm looking robust!
Perfect, perfect weekend. Can't wait for the next one!


  1. Oh yeah, now that's a baby bump!!!

    Life is good!!

  2. That drink looks amazing! You look adorable with your baby bump. Can't wait to see you soon!! <3

  3. I showed Brad the baby bump and he seemed concerned that you were standing too close to the edge of the pond. Concerned grandpa to be - lol

  4. I agree with M's thats a baby bump..your looking good Jilly..

  5. Thanks everyone! I don't know where the bump came from, it just sort of appeared! Ha, tell Brad not too worry too much about me falling in - it was probably only a foot deep.. I think... :)

  6. Oh my gosh.... I love, love, love your baby bump!! I can't wait to feel the baby bump!! It's so exciting!! You look absolutely radiant!! Pregnancy agrees with you!