Wednesday, May 4, 2011

24 1/2 Week Update

One thing I never knew about my pregnancy is that I'd be five and a half months along with no noticeable baby bump (to the public). Honestly I'm a bit disappointed that I'm more than halfway through this pregnancy with nothing to show, so to say. Yes I'm aware that when I'm ready to burst I will come to regret saying this! I always thought that I'd have some big bump by 4 months but boy was I wrong. At least I'm sleeping comfortably and able to wear my regular clothes still. I'm very much looking forward to the day a stranger notices and asks me when I'm due!

The first picture was taken on April 6th (20 weeks and 5 days) and the second on April 16th (22 weeks and 1 day).

I know you can see a bump in these pictures but that's because I'm wearing spandexy clothing. Yesterday morning when I put my regular clothes on I was excited because I thought I actually had a noticeable bump! But really, unless I put my hand on my belly like you can see below, it just looks like I've eaten a big meal :)

I'm trying to be patient and the most important thing is that I'm feeling really great. I went for yet another ultrasound two weeks ago and although baby was hiding its face AGAIN, the doctor could see that the palette and everything else looked normal. I was debating going to that ultrasound and although it gave me some peace of mind it was ultimately a waste of time and $610. I miss you Canada. At that appointment the baby was weighing 1 lb, 4 oz and the heart rate was still in the 150s.

The baby has a definite sleep schedule and it most active between 8-10am and 4-6pm. I'm feeling tons of kicks and punches and a few weeks ago M was also able to feel them from the outside! That was pretty exciting.

Last week at my monthly doctor appointment the nurse asked me to get on the scale to see "how good my Easter was". I had been watching the scale creep up over the weeks but it was still obnoxious when she muttered "WOW, I guess it was really good." So yeah, up 6 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks for a total of 8 gained, which I think is not bad at all for 24 weeks of pregnancy! Unfortunately I feel like I'm obsessing a bit over weight gain but I cannot stop myself. I've struggled with weight my whole life and it's difficult to watch the scale go up and up and up, even if I know I must gain weight for the baby's health. Sigh. I need to throw out my scale and adopt an I don't give a @&*% attitude.

One very good thing is that M wrote his exam last Friday so now he has more free time and we've started cleaning out the guest room to make it into the baby/guest room! I want to get a lot of things done while I still have the energy. M and I stopped at a stroller store to give some a test run and have had a chance to discuss what we need to buy and register for. My mammy tells me that the shower invites will be going out soon!

All in all, life is good!


  1. Start eating, girl!!! It's the only time in your life when you can honestly get away with it!! Throw away your scale. I know you wouldn't overdo it anyways. You look so cute in the pictures. I just wish I was closer so I could feel the baby move!! Give your belly a few rubs and let your baby know that her/his Grandma and Grandpa C are thinking about her/him.

  2. What?!?!!? You don't want the Mountain Buggy with the sticky wheel?

  3. A beautiful baby bump it is! You look great :) Enjoy!

  4. such a cutie patootie baby are one lucky gal to only gain what you have so far...get eating girl

  5. And how much has M gained? :)

    Actually I'd say you are about right on with your weight gain. It starts out slowly with the biggest gains starting now and for the next 3 months and slowing down again in the 9th month

    I guess I'm gonna be missing all the baby showers :( But I'll be sending care packages....I've already started shopping!

  6. Thanks everyone! One of these days I'll have a bump that I can be proud to show off!

    @KP I quite enjoy the Mountain Buggy and it was so good before the stickiness started! I think we're going to go with a stroller that has the ability to add a second seat. I'm so confused. Who knew there were so many stroller options?

    @marina I'd say M has gained at least double that :) The shower is going to be on June 26th. What do you mean you don't feel like driving 8 hours each way for a two hour baby shower?!

  7. G, You're turning your guest room into the baby/guest room? That's awesome...hey, if you want to come visit, you'll have to take care of the baby while you're here...

  8. Michelle GrenvilleMay 07, 2011 9:52 AM

    So cute!!! I love the baby bump and you so so happy!!!