Sunday, May 22, 2011

Third Tri

I have officially graduated into the third trimester!

We are less than three months away from baby's due date. AHHHH. Nothing much is new to report and I continue to feel good, but people constantly ask for updated baby bump pictures, so here goes nothing! As you can see, I look pretty much the same even though these pictures are taken over a month apart. The first one is from April 16th (22 weeks and one day) and the second one is from May 18th (26 weeks and 5 days).

Although the bump doesn't look much different, I *feel* bigger. I find that I'm walking slower and need a pillow to support my belly in order to sleep comfortably. I have a new talent of being about to produce tears in less than one second. HA. My husband loves that new trick. I'm ravenous during the day but, similar to how I was in the first tri, don't have much of an appetite in the evening. Over the past few weeks I've experienced bad heartburn from eating grapefruit and possibly from drinking orange juice. Ow. The baby continues to move around a lot but it's a much different feeling now. It's almost like I can see the movements just as well as I can feel them. I lay on the couch at night and watch my belly move around and it's really very weird.

The most exciting thing that's happened over the last week is that I passed my glucose tolerance test which means no gestational diabetes for me! I wasn't really nervous until I was on the phone getting my results, but thankfully I passed and it's one less thing to think about now.
This is a picture of the sugary drink that I've heard people complain about gagging down, but I didn't think it was terrible at all. It was almost enjoyable.

And there you have it, that's the latest and greatest :)


  1. You definitely look bigger in your newest picture. Just wait until a month from now..... I can hardly wait to see what you will look like when you come home in June.... just to actually see and feel your baby bump.... brings me to tears!!! And I do remember all the tears when I was preggie... just a sign of all the hormone changes you are going through. I'm glad you don't have to worry about gestational diabetes. That wouldn't have been fun. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  2. It's weird, everyday I wake up and think I look bigger, but the pictures don't show much change. My belly is definitely getting really firm feeling though! Baby steps :)

  3. You look amazing Jill! If the baby is anything like M he/she will be looking to kick its way out any day now!
    Love the pictures :)

  4. lookin good! :)