Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Boy's Birthday

Bama boy turned seven years young on April 5th. That's actually his made up birth date since he was adopted from a shelter and all they know is that he was born sometime in April. I chose that day because I like 5's. My birthday as well as my dad's is on the 5th, my wedding was on the 5th, and now the boy's birthday is on the 5th.
I am now a crazy dog lady and I love it. HAHA. It's a bit embarrassing how much I love this dog. I never in a million years guessed I would become a dog lover.. until I met Bama... and then it was truly love at first sight. Seriously, look at what a cute pup he is.
Here is the story of how we acquired Bama:

When M came to Chicago a year and a half ago he moved into an apartment with two guys, one being the owner of Bama. M warned me that when I came to visit him in Chicago there would be a dog there, which was okay since I really had no choice and my visits would be short. I mostly didn't like dogs because of all the hair and I was once traumatized by a neighbour's dog who pulled at my Halloween costume. Plus, sometimes they stink and have bad breath. I would often avoid walking close to dogs on sidewalks. You can actually read about how I did not want a dog here.

The first time I came to visit M, I don't know what happened, but I just loved his roommate's dog. I took Bama for walks, played with him a lot, and generally fell head over heels. When I skyped with M I always asked to see the dog too. Ha ha, I know how pathetic this sounds, believe me. I spent so much time with Bama when I was visiting that he'd be depressed for a few days after I left.

M's roommate worked really long/late/odd hours and painstakingly made the decision to give Bama to us to essentially give him a better life with more walks, more time outside, and more attention. It was a really hard decision for him to make and he misses Bama like crazy. I think it's a win-win situation though because Bama is happier now AND still gets to see his old owner quite often.
I am so so so so happy times a million that we found Bama and became his new owners. It really is a lot of responsibility having a dog but coming home to his love and affection each day makes it all worthwhile. Even on rainy days or when I have to walk him in -20C temperatures!
Bama is "the boy", also affectionately know as Bam, Bammie, Bamster, Bammers McGee, Bama Louie, Bama-lama-ding-dong, grey beard, precious, prince, and turtle (because of the way he lays, shown in the above picture). If Bama's old owner knew I called him some of those names or saw that I put a birthday hat on him, he'd surely take Bama back.

I told you I am a cRaZy dog lady.


  1. He is a great dog. I used to be a crazy dog lady years ago when we had Frodo. M remembers Frodo cause she never left his side when he was a kid. But when she passed on the trauma was so great that I vowed to never love a dog again and have managed to do so - till Bama!! He's just such a lovable lug!!!

  2. I think you are slowly making a dog lover out of your mom and dad... imagine!!! We love taking Bama out for walks when we visit. You can tell he is well loved... he's such a happy dog. It's so funny when he all of a sudden comes between your legs and you straddle him like a horse... he's almost big enough to be a horse!!! I'm sure everyone will fall in love with him at the cottage this year!

  3. We can relate we are also crazy dog people. Glad we are not the only ones who have silly names for our pet. Ours is affectionately known these days as Gunther goog, Gunther gugenheimer, the googster, googs, and g-dog!

  4. @Marina Just thinking about Bama in dog heaven brings me to tears!

    @Marnie I think the kids will love him, but need to be prepared for all of the baseballs and toys he'll steal! Can't wait for the little ones to finally meet him in real life!

    @Stacey I always think of Gunther as Goonther. Dog lovers unite!