Thursday, April 7, 2011

Half Baked

As of last Friday, baby is half baked!

(18 weeks) VS (20 weeks, 5 days)

I'm getting a little rounder and am actually beginning to feel pregnant! I'm very happy that I've only gained two pounds in twenty weeks, and the doctor's suggestion of 15-25 total pounds gained should be doable, if I can resist my current candy addiction! I bought my first few pieces of maternity clothing and can't wait to have a bump big enough to wear them!

I've been feeling tiny flutters in my belly for the past two weeks or so, but finally this weekend felt movement that was unmistakeably baby. Often its movements make me feel as though I'm on a roller coaster and my stomach is dropping out. Baby must be doing some major aqua aerobics in there.

M and I went to the twenty week anatomy ultrasound last week. Baby was sitting with its head at belly button level and it's bum near my pelvic bone, facing my back. This position did not make for pretty pictures and we wouldn't have been able to find out the gender even if we'd wanted to. Because its face couldn't be seen clearly, I'm being sent back for another ultrasound in a month so that this area can be checked out, making sure of no cleft palette. The baby's heart rate is supposed to get slower in the second trimester, but it was still clocking in around 150, compared to mid 160s in previous months. Girl for sure :) I actually have a feeling that it's a boy, but only time will tell, and I'm looking forward to this big surprise.

That's pretty much it for pregnancy updates. I've been feeling great and I'm super ecstatic that my bad acne has cleared up and I have enough energy to stay up past 9pm each night. Pregnancy suits me just fine *knock on wood*.


  1. The title made laugh :)

    I told M that if baby is anything like him he is already looking for a way out and soon enough you will know it! And I have been calling baby he for awhile now - don't know why...

    We are thrilled that pregnancy agrees with you and sure it will continue. Keep the baby bump pictures coming!

  2. As I told you this week you certainly have that "baby glow" about you. You look absolutely beautiful! Pregnancy sure does agree with you. I still think you are having a girl... and I don't know why .... maybe so Maya will have a playmate of the same gender born in the same year. I sure wish that I could remember the name that you told me you had picked out for a girl. I should have paid more attention back then. I remember the boy's name you told me though :)!!

  3. I told you our boy name? Can't remember doing that. Keep it a secret! Didn't I tell you the girl name five years ago? Maybe it's changed since then :)

  4. I love this stage in pregnancy! It's when I felt the best, and I was finally starting to show and feel the baby. And HOORAY for waiting until delivery to find out the sex. It will be such a magical moment for you.