Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Introducing the newest member of my fam!
My brother and sister-in-law had a baby girl in mid March. How exciting and what a cutie! The above pictures were taken by Brent Foster when the little babe was only a couple of weeks old.

Last week I finally got to meet her and it's so hard to believe how teeny tiny she is. It *almost* makes me want to have one of my own. Wait a minute...
My mom and I organized a baby shower to welcome the newest addition and I have to say I quite liked the idea of having the shower after the birth since so many of our family members were able to meet her!
Cake, of course. It was delish.
My niece looks a lot like my brother. Poor child :)
After the baby shower the boys and men of my family showed up to have Easter dinner. Oldest meets youngest here. My nephew was soooooo excited to meet his cousin.
The kids went outside for an Easter egg hunt and then..
back in for dessert. Orange sherbert. Wow, that stuff is magic. Quietest 10 minutes of the day!
That was the most family filled day I've had in a long long time!


  1. Great pictures!! I really love when the family all comes together. We missed M and MT. I bet you can't wait for your little bundle of joy after seeing your newest niece. Such exciting times ahead for you and M.

  2. I can wait, I can definitely wait. I wouldn't mine being pregnant for another year or two actually :)
    Kidding, sort of.

  3. You can say that now before you have a big baby bump... but you will be so ready by your due date!! Just wait until you see and hold your little baby for the first time... you will be so amazed.

  4. Oh the instant love at first sight feeling is one that you never forget. I wish it on everyone!! Especially you and M :)

    I am currently in love with an image on a sonogram. How sad is that - lol :)

    Cute baby by the way - congrats to your brother and sis in law!

  5. Marina, I'll get M to scan the more recent sonogram pictures for you when he returns to work on Monday :)

  6. What a wonderful shower it was! I Echo what Marnie said, the minute you hold your little one you will be in love!