Thursday, December 17, 2009

On The 9th Day Before Christmas

On the 9th day before Christmas my true love gave to me... too many boxes of chocolates and a bunch of thank-you cards to write.

Today I relived my bridal shower, aka my worst nightmare :) A lot of students this year brought me Christmas gifts. Yay, who doesn't like presents? Only, I hate, with a passion, opening gifts in front of groups of people. My plan of attack is to open each gift as it comes to me, with the child who gave it to me.. discreetly.. hiding behind my desk. This morning though, all the kids gathered round - they're so interested to see what I get. First, I don't like this because I know some kids can't afford to bring a gift, then I feel bad because they unnecessarily feel bad. Second, how many different ways can I act surprised about a box of chocolates? Third, I think to myself - my, you've been a bit bitchy to these kids lately, do you really deserve this? True story.

Anyway, here's some of my loot! I made out quite well if I do say so myself!

A candle, Santa Clause tin, bottle of wine, votive holders, chapters gift card, movie tickets, teacher ornament, a set of three nesting tins (a collector's item supposedly??), something chocolate, bath stuff, hot chocolate, and biscotti. Not pictured are the five boxes of chocolate I received. I do not dare bring those home.

Now to start the thank-yous!


  1. You've got a whole week to write them :)

    I sometimes got the kid's teachers something for the classroom - some of the things that you tend to pay for out of pocket, stickers, craft paper, that kind of stuff.

    Some schools invite kids to make a donation to the school library(if you have one) in lieu of the obligatory teacher's gift. I always thought that was a good idea!

  2. Oh, I like that idea of donating to the school library. Because really.. what am I supposed to do with a bunch of nesting tins that aren't exactly my style?! And please, do I look like I need an entire box of chocolates?

    Donating to get books for the classroom library would be even better! That way, the parents know their kids are getting a hold of the new books.

  3. The joys of being a teacher! You're so lucky you have such nice students to give you gifts! This really shows how appreciated you are Jill!! Even if it's a box of chocolates it still sends the message that they loooooove you!!!!

  4. Yes - I hope I don't come off sounding unappreciative, because I am very thankful and I definitely felt loved today! Especially since a lot of our families don't have a lot of money and choose to spend it on their child's teacher - very thoughtful.

  5. I know why your students love you!!