Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On The 10th Day Before Christmas

On the 10th day before Christmas my true love gave to me... frostbitten hands and a mediocre trail of lights.

Tonight I headed out to see the Trail of Lights at Downsview Park. I froze my butt off on yard duty earlier today at work because it's windy, although it's only supposed to feel like -11. I hate being cold, so I pulled out the long johns along with every other piece of winter gear I could find. I added a Christmas music playlist to my iPod and set off.

My hands just about froze right off in the period of walking from my car and paying for a ticket, so I decided not to take any pictures. Actually I'm lying. I got up the courage to take off my mitts to take a picture then realized my battery was dead. So, I'm borrowing these pictures from other people!

The lights were... mediocre. The trail is 3km long and is supposed to take approximately 40 minutes to walk through, although I swear it took me about half that amount of time. It cost $7, which I believe is decreased from last year's fee of $12. Going once is good enough.. maybe I'll go again when I have kids or something, but I wasn't too impressed. Oh well, it was still a nice experience!

I'm the type of person who enjoys driving around and looking at Christmas lights. My parents used to make us do this after church when we were kids and I remember complaining so much. Funny how things change!


  1. The Lincoln Park Zoo has something similar, I may check it out this weekend.

    And you with a dead battery in a camera? Colour me surprised :p

  2. Love going to see the lights. I think we may make the trek to Upper Canada Village this year.

  3. A and I went to see our Celebration of Lights this week too. It was nice but thank goodness we don't have to pay to see them. I'm not sure I could justify paying for the 15 minute walk!

  4. Aren't you glad we made you go see the lights with us???