Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tanzania Safari

Other than climbing Kilimanjaro, while in Tanzania this summer, we also went on a three day safari. Sitting, driving, and looking at animals was exactly what we needed after the climb.
August is a great time to go on safari because it's wintertime and there's not a lot of brush for the animals to hide in, making them easier to be seen. Over the three days we went to the Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha National Park, and Lake Manyara. We booked through Team Kilimanjaro and it was nice having just M and I, our driver, and cook in the jeep. Some companies had five or six tourists in each jeep and they looked a bit crammed. Every jeep has a roof that pops open so you can stand on your seat and peer out. We saw tons of animals, lots very close up, and lots very far away!

Hello, baboon! These were everywhere and seemed
about as common as dogs and cats in North America.
Mr. Giraffe,
plus all of his brothers and sisters! We counted about 20 giraffes in this pack. So graceful.
This is no Wanalee, but he'll do! 5 legs and all.
Here's an action shot of a monkey.
Lots and lots of zebras. They all walk on the paths so they don't ruin the grass (their food).
Lions on the prowl!
They were stalking some buffalo and we were hoping to witness them eat their lunch
but they must not have been too hungry, since they gave up after a while!
It was amazing to see the animals in their natural habitats. Going on a safari was an excellent experience!


  1. From what I can remember it wasn't "hot", just a nice temperature.. like maybe 26C? Shorts and t-shirt weather.

  2. Were you ever afraid that an animal would jump into the vehicle you were in? I think it would be awesome to see the animals so close.