Thursday, September 2, 2010

On the Tube

We just got netflix and I'm so addicted! For $10.99/month we get an endless amount of tv series and movies that can be watched through streaming, plus one Blu-ray mailed to us at a time. The mail is so fast here, you could watch a crazy amount of movies each month if you have the time.

My vacation time is winding down, but of course the last two days have been rainy in Chicago, so I've made quite good use of netflix to pass the time! Here's what I've been watching:

1) Everest: Beyond the Limit (Season 1)

This is a documentary of 11 climbers, including a double amputee, who set out to climb the world's tallest peak. Holy cow, this was amazing. It's six episodes and during the last episode I think I messaged M fifty times about what I was seeing. It was horrifying! I never knew what frostbite looked like. I'm quite tempted to try climbing to Base Camp now...

2) The Cove

This documentary exposes the secretive and heavily guarded dolphin slaughtering operation that takes place in Taijii, Japan every year between September to February. It's absolutely sickening and is creating a public outcry and if you haven't seen it, you must. Go here to learn more.

3) Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment

This is also a documentary, where nine people are dropped off in the interior of Alaska and try to make it out alive. They forage for food, build makeshift shelters, and have to deal with the harsh weather. So intriguing!


  1. No Big Brother??? ;)

  2. BB of course, but that's a given :)

  3. I'm the last one on earth without a netflix account... I am a Blockbuster premier member. Most people... slightly embarrassing!