Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lake Geneva Getaway

This past Thanksgiving (American rather than Canadian), our little family and another little family rented a house together near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for a week away. Oh, it was just what I needed. An entire week of wearing yoga pants, sleeping in, watching tv, playing board games, and little else - heaven!

The weather was so cold we went outside only a few times the entire week, which is unheard of considering dog walks at the very least are a part of our daily life. But, holy crap, winter appeared out of nowhere and even bundled in layers, we were numb within minutes! One day we bravely ventured out for a nature walk in a nearby park and enjoyed the first real snow of the season.
Duct tape is required to keep mittens on. 
Although M had to work a few hours most days, it was just so great having an extra pair of hands around to help with Little m and keep her entertained.
Trying to fix daddy's nose. Good luck! ;)

At the last minute I decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner and since I wasn't making everything from scratch like I usually do, the meal came together so quickly and easily. And it was good! Much better than the hot turkey sandwiches we were going to get an a local dive. 

We celebrated the other mama's birthday while we were there, which included cake at 10am, but what are vacations for if not precisely this?
Birthday celebration!
Little m had too much fun playing with her little friend and they ran around like maniacs all day long, just like kids should.

It was a wonderful week away and a nice break from reality, plus I was able to finish my Christmas shopping online and take advantage of all the Black Friday sales. Score!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and just when you needed it most!! Maybe this can become a tradition for your family!!