Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Feel Like A New Woman

This past month has been.. how can I describe it? Excruciatingly tiring. Since before Christmas, Little m has been an even more horrible sleeper than usual. We're talking about waking up 4-6 times (or more!) every night, taking no daytime naps, or if I could get her down for a nap, waking up 10 minutes later. I was this close to losingmyshit. I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is to spend 45 minutes (or more!) trying to get her to sleep, then having her wake up as soon as she hit the crib sheet. Rinse and repeat. I would spend my entire days trying to get this girl to sleep. Something had to be done or I was about to send myself to crazy town for an extended vacation.

All I could think to do was begin sleep training. I was wracked with guilt and it's so painful listening to your baby cry but I feel like I had no choice. Last night was night number three and holy moly I feel like a new woman because I got 5.5 hours of sleep.. like I mean.. in a row. In one chunk. At one time. Plus another 3 on top of that! I almost jumped for joy when I layed the peanut down after feeding her and she turned her head, closed her eyes, and went to sleep. IT'S A MIRACLE!!! I'm ecstatic if you couldn't tell.

I am a much happier person after getting sleeping, mostly because sleep is so freakin good but also because Little m is happier and well rested! I can't help but share some pictures I took earlier this week because they're so darn cute. I love this little girl but I love her even more when she lets me sleep!
My mom's friend sent us this cute hat after Little m was first born and it finally fits! Thanks Mo!


  1. Glad to hear you guys are getting on a schedule!! Nothing more frustrating than waking up every couple of hours! Yet it breaks your heart to hear them cry. I used to have to go to the front of the apartment with my iPod and Mark would stay back with Brady. Am I really ready to do this again in June?!?!?

  2. A person can only be sleep deprived for so long. Maren must have finally realized that mommy just couldnt take it anymore. You must feel like a new woman! Good for you both :)

    And that hat! And those pictures! Be still my heart :)

  3. Love your pictures and blogs. Glad you are both getting some beauty sleep!!

  4. Can I just say "Thank you, Maren!"