Saturday, January 14, 2012

36 in 356: 2012 Edition

As per tradition, here's my list of 36 goals I'd like to accomplish in the 365 days of the new year. I've tried to make my goals more manageable this year and included a few important things I must get done that I've been putting off for years. This is the year, right!?

36 in 365 Goals (Round Four):

Get Busy:
1. Put on a themed 1st birthday party for Little m. I'm feeling rainbows.
2. Take monthly pictures of Little m and blog about her developments (5/12).
3. Comment on someone's blog everyday for three months (3/3).
4. Keep a calendar of Little m's daily occurrences.
5. Read 40 books from my Goodreads list (40/40).
6. Discover three new musical artists (3/3): David Francey, Lauren Hubert, Alabama Shakes
7. See the CTA holiday train in December. 
8. Make ten new savoury recipes (10/10): Santa Fe Casserole(meh), Sesame Green Beans(good), Chicken Parm Meatloaf(YUM), Mexican Lasagna(lacked a little something), Spinach Lasagna Rolls(awesome), Massaged Kale Salad(a-ok), Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken(wowee), Thai Fried Quinoa(not my fave), Oven Roasted Sausages and Peppers(me likee), Vegetable and Edamame Pasta with Basil Cream Sauce(delish)
9. Make five new sweet recipes (5/5): Maple Donuts(delish), Raspberry Donuts(so good), Rainbow Cake(impressive), No-Bake Chocolate Eclaire Cake(very sweet), Funfetti Cake Batter Dip(probably wouldn't make again unless I had another rainbow themed party)
10. Buy a hawt pair of boots.
11. Buy a wall map.
12. Buy a rug.

Get Crafty:
13. If home in the month of December, buy and decorate a real Christmas tree.
14. Add 25 more items to my list of 101 things (32/101) that make me happy (4/25).
15. Make three things from my "For the Home" board on Pinterest (0/3).
16. Make a really cool gift for my Goddaughter's first birthday Christmas.
17. Make a piece of artwork using old passport stamps.
18. Create a wedding album for both sets of parents. For real this time.
19. Make a first year photo canvas for Little m.
20. Frame a wedding photo and hang it up.
21. Start an anniversary scrapbook.

Get Places:
22. Rent Borrow a convertible and drive through California Illinois.
23. Explore three Chicago neighbourhoods (3/3): Ukrainian Village, Roscoe Village, Bucktown
24. Travel to two American states (4/2): Florida, New York, California, Arizona
25. Visit the Chicago Art Institute.
26. Drink myself silly in Sonoma.

Get Healthy (Mentally and Physically):
27. Try to enjoy every moment with Little m, even the really difficult and tiring ones.
28. Make and stick to a dinner meal plan for a week (5/5) and try to continue.
29. Stop letting people and things live rent free in my mind.
30. Take Bama for extra long walks once a week (15/52).
31. Complete Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30.
32. Try the 100 pushup challenge.
33. Try the 100 situp challenge.

Get Giving:
34. Send the great grandparents pictures of Little m more often (3/3).
35. Send my close girlfriends birthday or Christmas cards (4/6).
36. Volunteer once a month (12/12).


  1. Wow!! You go girl!! I'm tired just reading all the things you want to do....

  2. I think it's great you make goals it's the first step to actually doing stuff, rather than just talking about it. I hope I can follow your example and set more goals for this year.

  3. Wall map ordered today, soon you'll be able to cross it off the list!

  4. G,
    13) I hope you can do this - fake trees are depressing
    6) David Francey - Juno winning Ontario folk singer, born in Scotland. Discovered his Christmas album this year and it's fantastique

    1. Sweet as. I'll look into Monsieur Francey. I quite fancy the folk singers these days.