Thursday, September 29, 2011

Month One With Little m

We survived our first month of parenthood!

Life with a newborn is something else! The simplest way to explain it is that you can't understand it until you've experienced it. Here are some of the highlights of Little m's first month of life:

Little peanut's weight has increased quite a bit, with her lowest weight at 5 pounds 2 ounces when we left the hospital and the highest at 6 pounds 9 ounces on her one month birthday. Slowly but surely, right? She's up to the 5th percentile!
Little m had a very social month and met tons of family - both sets of grandparents, a couple of aunts, uncles, cousins, all of M's work colleagues, and an assortment of our friends. She's been quite popular on skype! She's gone to numerous restaurants, coffee shops, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Jazz Fest in Grant Park. She's been on the L and the bus quite a lot as well, which is a bit nerve wracking during rush hour for this germaphobe!
Baby girl's most favourite things in the world include:
1) eating (like mother like daughter)
2) the sound of the vacuum (how long can you run a vacuum before it creates a fire?)
3) pooping (wow, wow, wow so much poo)
4) and sleeping (especially when being held)
She loves any type of movement, which I blame on my excessive amount of walking while pregnant. Little m loves snuggling close to my chest in the moby wrap when we take her brother Bama for a walk every evening! She also loves listening to music with her dad and "dancing" to the beat. Tummy time is not her favourite and she's been rolling from her stomach to back since week two. She screams during car rides or pretty much anytime we try to put her in her car seat.
We adore the way she stretches when we take her out of a swaddle. Her facial expressions are adorable, especially the sleepy smiles she gives when waking up or falling asleep. Little m, you are the most beautiful baby and I can't imagine our lives without you!
***Thanks, Aunty Steph for the cool elephant! Should we call her Wannalee?

***These pictures were actually taken today, at six weeks. Ooops.


  1. I'm so happy to be here for a few days with little M. I just love holding her and kissing her and loving her to pieces. She is so precious and so alert. I love it when she smiles and I know she was cooing to me when I was changing her diaper today. I love watching you and big M interact with little M. You guys are natural parents!! I can't imagine your lives without her now either!!

  2. Look how big she's getting already! I cant wait to see her next month. The changes will be amazing

  3. Oh my goodness, she is just too cute! Congrats on surviving one month!

  4. Lovin the photo shoot with M. She is a natural in front of the camera :) She really is growing!

  5. Little M is beautiful! I especially love the picture where she looks up :-)