Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer So Far...

I've been off work for a month and a half and I'm loving every minute of it! I feel like the last few months have been busier than ever and just this week, I'm feeling a bit more relaxed and that I actually have time to sit down to chill for a few minutes. What have I been up to, you ask?

Baby Related Things
Getting ready for a baby takes a lot of work! Organizing the nursery took up a lot of time, as did washing everything baby related - clothing, cloth diapers, sheets, etc.
I was a good wife and watched M install the car seat, which the inspector said he did perfectly!
I've also been reading a few books on natural birthing, taking childbirth classes, and researching doulas.

In the spring I took on a job with a tutoring company. I'm currently working with only one student until the baby comes, but it is nice to have a bit of extra income coming in.

One of my 36 in 365 goals is to volunteer once a month. Since I've had the free time, I've been volunteering a couple mornings a week at a local soup kitchen. I think it's time to slow this down a bit because standing for 2 1/2 hours is getting a tiring.

I've been taking two or three prenatal yoga classes a week, which I absolutely love. I also try to walk at least an hour a day and have taken over dog-walking duties, which seriously, becomes such a chore in this heat and humidity. I feel so sorry for black dogs in the summer.

I'm not sure if I'm nesting but I have been very busy cleaning the house and completing random things that have been on my to-do list for ages. Right now my list still has 15 things to finish up, but considering it probably started with 40, I'm not doing too badly!

M and I have been trying to eat more "real" foods, so instead of buying things like granola bars (have you ever looked at the ingredients in those?), I've been making my own. We absolutely love Annie P's recipe for 5 minute granola bars. This recipe is so easy, although saying it takes 5 minutes is a bit misleading... I would say 15 minutes from start to finish is more like it!

Having Fun!
I know my life is about to change drastically, so I'm trying to enjoy the freedom while I still can! For example, last week after getting a prenatal massage I went to the Lunchbreak Music Series in Millenium Park and enjoyed a picnic lunch while watching a jazz band perform. This is something I've wanted to do for over a year now!

M's birthday was last weekend, so we went out with friends to celebrate and this pregnant lady stayed up till 5am! Wheeee!
For his birthday dessert, I made my peanut butter lovin' husband this pb pie with oreo crust and real whipped cream to top it. It was too sweet for my liking and I happily left it at our friend's apartment for others to finish off!
Chicago in the summer is all about weekend festivals. On any given weekend from June to September you can find a neighbourhood festival (or 5) going on. Last weekend near our 'hood was the Sheffield Garden Walk and the weekend before that was the Lincoln Park Arts & Music Fest. It's nice to stroll around on a Sunday afternoon and I must say Chicago is a pretty amazing place to be in the summertime.

As I mentioned before, things have finally slowed down this past week and I've had time to read! I've been knocking books off my reading list like crazy. I love finding books I can fly through and finish in a day or two. My recent faves have been Night Road by Kristin Hannah and The Murderer's Daughters by Randy Susan Meyers.

I've also been putting my Groupon addiction to good use and, while using up my vouchers, have become a frozen yogurt connoisseur. Forever Yogurt is the best I've found in the city so far - self serve with 14 flavours and 40 toppings to choose from is simply genius.

So there you have it.. I've been doing a lot of monotonous chores mixed in with a lot of fun activities, which means I've been having a great summer so far! What's up for next month? I think I shall have a baby!

What have you been doing lately?


  1. Swim.... swim.... swim... that's what I've been doing, Also, enjoying the grandkids AND waiting for a new one to be born AND I must say I'm getting very impatient. I can't wait to meet my new grandson/granddaughter!!! I can't believe that it's August 1st already... where the heck did July go??? You sound like you've been really busy and I think that's great!! I hope Forever Yogurt is close to where you live. Maybe your dad and I can go there when we come to see our new grandbaby. We might even bring a treat to the hospital for you!!

  2. Yeah, if I had a pool I'd be living in it. You don't have to rub it in so much, you know :)

    Forever Yogurt isn't that close to me, but there is a location that's on my way to tutoring which I stopped at last week. I sure hope you and dad go there, considering you have one or two groupons for it! HAHA, you guys are worse than me. There is also a location not far from the hospital! That can be my reward for pushing out a baby!

  3. July has been a blur spent in NS. Great times but I am looking forward to a much quieter August!

    Sounds like you've been taking advantage of everything a big city offers in the summertime. Good for you! Cause yes, in a couple weeks thats gonna change. We're all getting anxious :)

  4. Marina, M and I were living vicariously through your facebook updates.. The Chickenburger, Lafleurs, Midtown.. Peggy's Cove, the Public Gardens.. Can't wait to bring baby to visit Halifax!