Monday, March 14, 2011

A Reminder To Myself

Yesterday I was a bit sad. My parents just left after a 5 night stay and with all of the craziness that comes with them, it feels a bit empty with them gone.

It's so nice coming home after work to a bustling house, dinner in the works, and the dog walked. It feels like I'm on vacation when they visit! Now, this doesn't happen every time they come - I think they like to help out especially with me being pregnant now. But seriously, coming home to a house that's been vacuumed, the laundry done, and both bathrooms cleaned spotless is the highlight of my year! I am spoiled.

So, while I was feeling sad and sorry for myself, I started browsing the internet and of course stumbled upon footage of the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. I wanted to slap myself silly right then and there for moping about my obnoxious "white girl problems" while people in many other parts of the world have serious, serious issues to deal with.

Sometimes I need a reminder...


  1. I totally understand what you're saying, that "empty" feeling. I get that after my parents visit too. And I usually feel kind of sad and lonely for a few days afterwards.


  2. you are not spoiled are loved...your parents do these things for you because they love you and want to make you feel good..its their nature to do these awesome things for their kids..

  3. Ah baby hormones kicking in. :)

    But we have all been there, those of us who have family far away especially.

    When we first moved away I think I cried for the first year. And when we went home to visit I cried half the car ride back.

    But it gets better. Trust me. And your family is just a few hours away. You're luckier than most.

    But I think one of the toughest lessons in life is not the wanting what you don't have, its the thankfulness for what you do have.

    .....and get that boy there to vacuum - jeez..... lol

  4. you are right I too sometimes think," thank you god for giving me a comfy bed at night and a wonderful husband to come home to". when the baby comes you will be able to create an even more loving home with so many great memories and comforts of your own. you are going to be great mom!

  5. You are always so grateful and it's a labour of love for us. We had a wonderful visit with our favourite daughter and son-in-law. It was a great way to end our longest southern vacation.