Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yesterday in the mail we received a movie from our netflix queue, Catfish. Have you seen it? A friend recommended this movie to me and M and I had a chance to sit down and watch it last night.

***I've tried not to contain spoilers, but if you're really interested in seeing the movie, you may not want to read the rest of this blog post, just in case.

Catfish is a documentary about a long-distance facebook relationship. The movie brings up a lot of questions about social networking and in the bonus materials on the dvd, there's an interesting interview with the directors/stars of the film. One of the questions the guys were answering was whether of not their facebook profile shows a true picture of themselves. They all answered no - they want to portray themselves in a good light, so they only post information and pictures that will do so.

Later, I got to thinking about whether or not this blog portrays my true self. It's interesting how many readers of my blog tell me they think my life is so interesting, I'm always doing fun things, and they live vicariously through me. HA! I am pretty much shocked when people say this because I know I'm just a normal joe who, for the most part, lives a pretty boring life. After work I go home, walk the dog, eat, and sleep. Throw a little tv watching in there most nights. That's it!

Yes, yes perhaps in comparison to other people my age, I have travelled a lot, but that's because I make it a priority in my life. Some people don't care about seeing different parts of the world, put their money towards other things, have kids and can't/won't get away, etc. etc. etc.

My blog shows only a minuscule part of my life. I think when I write, I write honestly, but often with sarcasm that some people might not catch. Often my posts are happy, happy, showing all the fun things going on in my life and great restaurants I'm trying out. I don't write about how I ate cereal for dinner last night because I mean, who wants to read about Kashi Autumn Wheat topped with fruit?

So yeah.. wow, that was a bit of a rant :)
Do you portray your "true" self online or on your facebook page?

PS - I liked the movie, watch it!


  1. I get your sarcasm Jill. In fact if I removed sarcasm from what I write, well, I wouldnt write much.

    I hate it when people use facebook status to fish for compliments or tell you stuff you have no business knowing. Some people are too free and easy with their lives. Thats my biggest beef

    Some people write every thought in their head as a facebook profile, while you, and most of us, write only what seems relevant or important or enjoyable for others to read. And I appreciate that. I dont want to know what you had for supper last night but I do like to have updates on the fun things you do. The blog does that. And you dont bother with facebook much as a result.

    So the movie sounds interesting - may have to check it out.

    Rant over too :)

  2. Ah man, my computer just ate my comment! Here we go again..

    My most hated facebook statuses are ones like these:
    -That was the craziest thing ever!!!!!
    -OMG, I can't believe that just happened :(
    -I'm so sad/happy/excited/frustrated...
    -Tuesday is going to be the greatest day of my life!

    These types of status updates just beg people to say "What happened?" or "You poor baby, call me if you need to talk." BLECH!!

    Thai also once mentioned how he's going to delete his facebook account once a certain percentage of his friends have babies because he's tired of the millions of ohmygod he just went pee on the potty updates/ pictures/ videos :)

  3. hahaha - people sucking the fun out of facebook. It ought to be a crime!

  4. Nice to see you and Mike finally got to watch the movie! I want to see it so badly again. I hope they put it on our Canadian netflix!

    If you're looking for the next awesome thing on's the Prison Break series..if Michelle hasn't told you about our addictions yet, I am sure she will soon! Let's just say Wentworth Miller is YUMMMMY

  5. When I watched the trailer I thought it was going to be a horror/thriller so that is what I expected, but I still found it interesting!!