Sunday, February 6, 2011

This Is Why I Hate People.

Ohhhhhh, this boils my blood.
Some people are so selfish. If everybody shovelled their spot, parking after a big snowfall would not be a problem. YOU DO NOT OWN THE STREET.
I wanna know who has a dirty mattress lying around because this is definitely not the first one I've seen! Do people hold on to their old mattresses for this reason???? I'm so confused.

Argh! Do you think it's okay for people to "reserve" their spot? Obviously, I hate people who do this and every time I go outside, I put on my bullet proof vest, and throw chairs into snowbanks. I fear for my life but I'm willing to stand up for the cause ;)


  1. If I wasn't in Chicago visiting you and seeing this with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it. Some people are so rude..... they expect to keep the spot empty even if they are gone for hours. I just looked out your window and the chairs are still sitting in that spot... four hours later. I can't believe it!! If I wasn't so lazy I'd go out and move them myself!!

  2. Haha, I want to know where the post office lady lives so I can go steal her chair.

  3. AHHHHH!!! Remind me to tell you about Hap. I saw him on my way out this morning...he was filling his tires because some jerk deflated all of his tires and tore off his windshield wipers because he apparently parked in "their" spot!! THE NERVE!

  4. Oh my goodness, poor Hap! That's insane.

    I will remove chairs but I don't think I'd park in a spot with chairs there because I'm afraid of this exact thing happening.

    On second thought though, I hope nothing bad happens to the people who end up parking in the spots where I've removed chairs. It's a no win situation!

  5. My dad doesn't think it's very Christian of me to say that I hate people. Okay, okay, okay.. sorry Dad, I'm just being sarcastic. I don't "hate" people, I just hate that this happens and that it seems to be allowed by the city, from what I can see anyway.

    I understand why people do this. Shovelling yourself out for an hour or two is hard work, just to come back and have nothing available.

    Who knew I'd be so passionate about snow removal :)

  6. Just one step closer to leaving Christianity behind :)

    I really want to spend a day just going around and removing all of the crap, these people really piss me off. In fact, I'd love to see someone putting out chairs so I can tell them how I really feel.

  7. M, I feel your wrath, even 1300 km away.

  8. Can you imagine a city in Canada where this would happen? I know I can't.