Friday, February 18, 2011

The Wedding

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, the husband and I traveled to Ottawa last weekend for a gorgeous winter wedding. These two love birds are one of my favourite couples ever. They started dating two months after M and I did and we've had tons of fun times together, including a trip to Cuba.

The bride was stunning and just look at the way she's looking at her new hubby.
Signing their lives away.
It's a done deal!
Their reception was at a sugar bush farm and the wintry decorations were very pretty with lots of icicle looking things. The set up for seating arrangements was cute and they used engagement pictures in frames to list all of the names and table numbers.
Here's M and I enjoying some cocktails and hors d'oeuvres (wow that's the hardest work to spell) before dinner started.
Such a pretty background for the head table. White lights make the world a better place.
I like this pic of M and I, even though it's a bit blurry. Here we are, digesting our dinners of tender short ribs that were to die for.
A family picture! M's dad slicked back his hair for the special occasion.
M's brother is getting ready for the garter toss, below. He's overly excited for marriage?
The best midnight snack ever and oh so Canadienne. Poutine!! Genius.
A group shot!
BFF's at the end of the night, looking a little tired!
My my, what a great wedding! I wish C&R many many years of happiness and love and babies!


  1. Is that the Anthropologie dress? I LOVE IT!!! And what the heck is "poutine"?!?!? It appears to involve french fries, so I am sure I would enjoy it!


    Hope that helps :)

    I love your pictures Jill. You really captured the day!

    I must talk to Steve about that race for the garter though - did he think he got to pick a girl if he caught it?? lol

  3. yummmmm!! Poutine, where have you been all my life? My other half would die for this dish!

  4. Katie, yes, that's the Anthro dress!

    One day you'll have to travel to Quebec and get some genuine poutine with french fries, cheese curds and dark gravy. While you're there eat some tourtière (meat pie) and then hop on over to Nova Scotia for a Halifax donair!

  5. I'm not much for cooking but I think one weekend we need to stock up on ingredients and make all 3 of these at home!