Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Putting Christmas Gifts to Work

So sorry Bama, I apologize.
Christmas was a month ago and I haven't done a single recap about my favourite holiday or the glorious two weeks I had off work!
Unfortunately M and I weren't able to visit his family this year so they mailed us some gifts. We gathered round the tree to open the pretty packages.
Underoath CD for the boy!
Oven mitts for me! Silicone on the outside but comfy padding on the inside. Love them.
M with his most favourite movie in the whole world :)
Operation Beautiful book. Good read.
And even a bone for the Bamster. He finished that sucker off in 5 minutes flat.
Our main gift from M's parents was a KitchenAid ice cream attachment! Wahoo!

M is a lover of ice cream and a few weekends ago we finally had a chance to put the ice cream maker to use. We followed the french vanilla recipe that came with the mixer, but used skim milk instead of half and half and added cherries for nutrition :)
It turned out.. hrrmm.. okay. The cherries weren't as delicious as I imagined and because we used real rather than artificial vanilla, the taste was a bit strong. That's okay though, we'll still polish it off eventually. I think the next batch will involve oreos. How can you go wrong with oreos?
Open wide...


  1. How about practising on us when we come visit? Oreo sounds good to me. I always wondered how homemade ice cream would taste. Maybe I will find out soon!!

  2. Oh thanks for those pictures. It was kinda cool to see you guys opening them. Kinda like being there. Kinda.... ;)

    Ok also get Brad to give you his ice cream recipes, once you're done making bread. And yes, he has one involving Oreos!

    Then we'll put my guest passes to the gym to good use after we've eaten!