Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baking Woes

I like baking in the winter because it makes my house warm. That's true fact #1. True fact #2 is that M and I keep the temperature set at 63 degrees and every night when I get home I put on three sweaters and if I watch tv I hide under two blankets. Yay for drafty windows in old homes and sky high heating bills!

Anyway, one night I had a hankering for homemade raisin bread. I pulled out the bread machine, loaded it up with all the ingredients, and after 3 1/2 hours of smelling it bake, I opened up the machine to find this...

I ate it and I loved every tiny morsel. That's true fact #3.


  1. Oh no... I'm surprised you ate it. Maybe your yeast wasn't up to snuff. Who knows as long as it was tasty. Keep on trying!!

  2. It looks like a mutant but it still tasted good! I know exactly what happened. When I pushed the pan into the machine the kneader must have come loose. I guess I won't make that mistake again!

  3. Brad will give you bread making lessons when you get here Jill and you wont use that bread making machine ever again!

  4. Ooh, sounds good to me Marina!